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Free Spirit Horse Memorial Free Spirit Horse Memorial Appeal is a fantastic project locally, nationally and internationally. By celebrating the spirit of the horse and how it has helped us all through war, sport and leisure. A vision from┬áthe team at Gartmore Riding... Continue Reading →


Google Conference July 2016

I was invited to the "Innovation in the Digital Economy Event" at South Staffordshire College to talk about my uses of Google with in education one year on from its implementation and my coincidental research three months prior to deployment.... Continue Reading →

Sample Post Example

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed non felis id lorem vulputate feugiat sed at est. Mauris vitae molestie arcu. Sed accumsan sem id hendrerit gravida. Mauris aliquet, ex non tempor mollis, sem leo semper dolor, eget porttitor... Continue Reading →

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