Shaun Reeves BSc, PGCE, MRes

Shaun Reeves MRes, PGCE, BSc
Shaun is a computer science lecturer, creative media developer and academic researcher. With a deep interest in cloud computing, artificial intelligence and education Shaun endeavours to enhance academic delivery through technology and research on a daily basis.

Shaun holds a Masters of Research (MRes) in Computer Science focusing on Cloud Computing. Along side this he also holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). Much of the research has been in collaboration with Google and the Google Apps For Education (GAFE) program offered within the academic institutions of delivery.

It’s not all work and no play mind, Shaun is an avid golfer who equally tries to bring in his academic theories and practice into the sport. Big data, sports analysis and game improvement are all areas of side research and interest.

 in Computer Science at College and University.

Researcher in Computer Science specialising in Education, Cloud Computing and AI.

Recent papers: “Searching for the Future”, “What is Cloud Computing?”, “UX and UI Analysis”, “Education, Cloud Computing and Mobile Technology; a current success or a future vision?”, “Cloud Computing Implementation Strategies for Academic Institutions”.

Media Developer for many things involving code and creation!